Monday, May 30, 2011

First weekend

After a long three first days of classes, it was finally Friday! So nice to know that I could sleep later, even though I didn't. Saturday morning I was up at 8, and at school by 9 to meet a group of Suffolk students and faculty for a hike up an old Roman road an hour outside of Madrid. We took a bus a few block from the school to our destination. It took about 2 hours to make it to the first summit of the mountain which was our final destination. It was gorgeous the entire hike not to hot and not to cold, but literally right once I stepped foot on the top it started hailing. The hail lasted about 5 minutes and by this time the temperature had dropped a few degrees and a breeze seemed to pick up. Not exactly the weather I wanted once I reached the summit but the views were beautiful. It reminded me a lot of home.
Sunday I slept until 9 and then Gina, Christie and I headed to the train station to go to Toledo(Toe-le-do... thats how the say it in Spain.) It was a fast train ride with beautiful scenery the entire way. We walked off the train and straight onto a double decker tour bus that took us on a scenic route through the hills of Toledo to the center of the city.
We spent the day wandering through the town and seeing what we could since it was Sunday and many of its famous attractions were closed. We ate an amazing lunch at a restaurant overlooking the countryside, and got in plenty of walking.
I slept very soundly last night after all of this walking and traveling. Now back to school....

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