Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Much Needed Catch Up

So it has been way to long since I have last posted on here. I have been so busy and I have only been carrying my paper journal around to document my trips.
Two weeks ago I went to Paris to visit Paul and Jenny which was a great time. We packing in so much stuff in such a short amount of time, which was great! I was exhausted however when I returned to Prague, but it was worth it.
The first full day I was in Paris we wandered around the city during the day and at night Jenny and I climbed the Eiffel tower to watch the sunset. What a surreal feeling to be in such a beautiful city, watching an amazing sunset from one of the most famous monuments in the world.
The next day we went to the Pantheon and wondered through gardens and of course ate MANY pastries. The consumption of bread in europe is disgusting. I think when I return to the states I will not touch a carb till October.
The rest of the weekend I spent doing more walking and lots of stair climbing. We went up the Arc d'Trium and the Notre Dame cathedral, both having their own unique beautiful view of the city.
I returned to Prague late Monday night, which was not on purpose my flight was delayed 2 hours on the runway because of air traffic communication problems.
Last week I just spent enjoying Prague and trying to enjoy my classed. On Friday I went to Krakow for the weekend with one of the girls in my group Kirstie. The fact the I survived that weekend is a miracle. It was one of my most stressful trips I have been on by far. This trip was also the first and last time I will ever stay in a hostel. I am not a huge fan of the community potion of the hostels and they just scare me in general. Luckily I was tired so I was able to fall asleep right away, but I dont think I could have stayed there for more then one night.
The first day in Krakow I took a train to Auschwitz. I can't even put Auschwitz into words. The feeling I got as I walked through the camp was the feeling like someone had punched me in the stomach. It is so sickening to see a community made just to mass murder. I was however so glad I went it was such an experience that I will never forget, as well as a huge learning experience about the holocaust.
The next day Kirstie and I got out of the rain and went to lower grounds to stay dry; in the Krakow salt mines. We went down a total of 130 meters and walked stairs the entire way. It was a beautiful mine and I learned a lot about the kinds of salt and how it is mined. Which was really fascinating.
The rest of the day was spent strolling around Krakow and then we took another over night train into Prague.

Jenny and I watching the sunset from the eiffel tower

eiffel tower at night

wine cheese and baguette in Paris

sleeper car to Krakow

entrance to Auschwitz "work is freedom"

the hostel

Stairs down to the salt mine

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