Monday, June 7, 2010

Cesky Krumlov

This weekend we took an overnight to Cezky Krumlov, I never thought I would visit such a surreal place. Cesky is a small medieval town tucked away in the hills of southern Czech Republic. It is an well known tourist destination in the Czech Republic, and is definitely tourist friendly. The town has not changed much since its once residence of well known royalty in the Republic, which is why I believe it is so beautiful.
I stayed at an adorable bed and breakfast which was literally a hole in the wall, but had such a homey feel. The breakfast in the morning was to die for. It was by far the best breakfast I have eaten since I have been in the Czech Republic.
On Saturday(the first day I was there) we went to the Cesky Krumlov castle and took a tour around the gardens and through the building. Two interesting facts I learned while in the castle is:
1) Women slept in tiny beds because the slept sitting up in fear of ruining their expensive hair and of looking dead and
2) Children were always painted with old faces because they feared if they painted them with children's faces they would never get old.
The castle was beautiful but by far not the most amazing I have seen. However it did have one intriguing feature which was live grizzy bears that lived in the moat even to this day to fend off intruders. The rest of the day I spent wandering and went to bed early because my group and I had a long hike ahead of us.
On Sunday we woke up and our teacher who was supposed to be our tour guide was sick. So the group and I decided to try and walk the 7 miles on our own. We should have known it wasn't as simple as it sounded. We ended up finding all the places in which we were supposed to see on the hike, just not exactly how it was planned. We may have even walked more then expected 7 miles, however a lot of it was in circles. It was a very long and hot day, but I saw some of the most beautiful country side, castle ruins and old monasteries.
In the beginning I didn't think it would turn out that way. We had to take a train to where we were starting our hike and when we reached our stop we all went to the door of the train where we struggled to open it to get off. When we finally opened the door I was the only one unfortunately to get off and the doors slammed behind me. The train with everyone else in my group started leaving. Luckily one of the station workers realized my dilemma when she saw me holding a ticket for 5 people and the 4 others on the train and she flagged down the conductor and let the rest of my group off. Had she not understood I may not be writing this to you now, because I would be stuck in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of central europe.
The day was filled with many incidents such as these however every time we luckily got out of them. We even missed our bus home for example but were able to take a train home 40 minutes later. Although it was a day full of "incidents" it was definitely one of the most memorable and most fun days I have had so far on this trip. It was a great vacation from my vacation and definitely a trip I wont forget!

Carolyn, Kirstie and I upon our arrival at Cesky Krumlov

Cinnamon Twist with nutella center. Amazing dessert!

My bed at the bed and breakfast. So cute!

Castle ruins

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