Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ballet Mania

Music from swan lake, followed by Nelly and then men dancing in skirts was not what I expected when I purchased my tickets to Ballet Mania. The performance was held at the Estates theater which is an old roman style theater right off of Prague's old town square. Its setup is like no theater I have ever seen in the states. Old tapestries still hang on the walls from the time of one of the King Louis', and the seating is set up in boxes rather then rows.
The seats I purchased were definitely where the commoners would have sat in the time when this theater was first opened. I was eye level with the chandelier, and it was hot. Hundreds of years later and they still have yet to put in air conditioning.
The ballet was a fun time. It was a modern ballet with short skits in between dance performances, but it was hard for only english speakers to understand the story line because only half was ever translated. So I didn't get any of the jokes but I knew when there was one because the crowd would roar with laughter. It was like being left out on an inside joke; its not fun.
Now I am an hour and a half away from leaving for the airport and fly to Paris. I am so excited to be going there for the weekend, and leave central Europe for a couple days. I am sure I will update a couple times while I am there.
au revior!

Kirstie, Carolyn and I at the ballet

Eye level with the chandelier

The Estates Theater

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