Friday, May 28, 2010


So just wanted to write something quick on the blog. I have had very little time to write because we have been so busy venturing around Prague and having lectures and language classes.
Today I got up at 6:30 and left the dorm around 7:15 so we could be at the train station by 8:20 to catch a train to Vienna. We had to change trains about 10 minutes outside of Austria but the trip only took about 6 hours which was good considering how far we traveled. I slept almost the entire way it was great!
When we got to Vienna we checked into our hotel which is nice because we actually get to sleep in real beds instead of couch cousins which is what we sleep on at our school dorms. We had a tour around part of the old city and then walked around for a while after looking for a restaurant to eat dinner. It is so difficult to go out to eat in other countries because you can not read the menu. I ended up getting great tortellini. It was nice to have a good meal after snacking all day on the train.
Now I am at the hotel about to get some sleep because we have to get up early again tomorrow for a tour at 9:30!
Pics will not upload because i have horrible internet at the hotel... will post soon!

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