Saturday, May 22, 2010


So I am back from a wonderful and SUNNY day exploring Prague. First day of sun all day since I have gotten here. It was really nice and made it for once feel not so depressing here. It amazing how crowded the streets get when it is a nice day.
Today started again with another boring lecture about the castle and then we sent to the Prague castle and had a tour. The views from the castle are amazing. However I do not find the history of these kings and queens very interesting... Next we went down and walked through a beautiful garden. There were peacocks everywhere. Apparently many castles have them because it is considered a nobel bird.
After Kirstie, Carolyn and I went off on our own and ate crepes for lunch, at a cute cafe near the dorms where we stay. Carolyn went back to the dorms to rest and Kirstie and I explored the city some. It was a beautiful day and walking around Prague is so cool there is so much crazy artwork and structures as well as interesting places.
Now I am back at my dorm and I am about to get ready for dinner... maybe dinner on the water? :)
Tour of the Old and Lesser towns tomorrow.

Ovens that used to heat the castle

The garden- look at the back at the black wall there are faces hidden throughout it

My group... there are only 5 of us.

Statue of baby along the river... I dont get them but I would love to know the story behind it.

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