Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Update

So I just finished eating another homemade meal in my ghetto excuse of a kitchen. It was actually very good and I am surprised anything has been able to be cooked in this kitchen. However we do not have a table or any place to eat other then our desks so it kind of stinks.
Anyway yesterday was my first day czech class. It was very fun and interesting. It is hard for me because of all of the accents and the words which are 6 letters long yet contain no vowels. But the little phrases I have been able to pick up have helped me out around the city.
After class we walked into Old Town Square which is right down the street from where our classes are and it was packing with thousands of people screaming and waving czech flags. The czech hockey team the night before had won the hockey game against Russia which they didnt think could happen, and the czechs won the world cup. I was at a Japanese restaurant eating dinner during the game and screaming could be heard in and around the restaurant from all the czech fans watching the game. In old town square yesterday they put up a huge stage and the president of the Czech Republic was on it with the Czech hockey team. I wished I was into it so I could have been more excited.
Once we got out of the crowd we went to a eiffel tower replica on top of a hill which overlooked the whole city. Carolyn didnt want to go up because she is scared of heights. So Kirstie and I paid 2 dollars and walked thousands of stairs to the top, and even though my legs are in pain the climb was definitely worth it because I saw the entire city and everything that surrounds it. It was beautiful, but a little scary because there was a thunder and lighting storm coming in and it started pouring while we were up there so we went down, and went back to the dorms for cover.
Today we had our second day of Czech class and after Carolyn, Kirstie and I went to some shops around the old town. I went into a store called Mango which is owned by Penelope Cruz and her sister. There was amazing stuff in there, however I didnt get anything. I think I will go back though and get a bag. :)
Tomorrow is my third and final day of czech class and then we are going to a Jewish cemetery and holocaust museum, which I heard is beautiful.
Also since I have been here I have eaten some sort of bread and chocolate everyday.
Ugh ... not good.

revolving all you can eat Japanese.

Some of the people celebrating in the square.

View of Prague from the top of the tower

Where I eat dinner...

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