Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 3

So this alarm thing on my phone/ the time change is not helping me wake up on time. Today I was woken up to Carolyn(my roommate here) knocking on my door because she had just woken up and it was 9:30 the time we were supposed to be catching the train to school. Luckily we both got ready in 10 minutes and were out the door.
Last night we went to our first bar/club. It is the club from Rihanna's "please dont stop the music" music video. Prague nightlife is so weird to me.
Today we had our first pre tour lecture. The women who teaches them has the softest most monotone voice, it almost puts me to sleep every time. Next we got our monthly subway/train/bus passes, ONLY 13 dollars!!! It is insane how cheap everything is here. After lunch we found out our Prague tour was cancelled because our teacher who was supposed to take us had to meet a Suffolk girl at the emergency room so she could translate for her. However Carolyn, Kirstie and I decided to check out around the castle and the cathedral for ourselves. It was beautiful! The stained glass windows were amazing and the building was huge. There is a long path that follows around the castle and cathedral and when you get to the end you have the most amazing view of Prague. There is also a vineyard. So we stopped there to have some house wine, I don't usually like wine but it was tasty.
Now I am back at the apartment we just went to the market because it is almost 7pm and I think we are going to cook some dinner.
Wish me luck on my cooking and on waking up on time tomorrow.

dance club

Prague Cathedral

One of the stained glass windows

Looking over Prague

Wine from the Vineyard

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