Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bye Bye Blow Dryer...

So I thought today may be a bad day because it did not start off great... I woke up later then I wanted because I set my alarm for 8am eastern time rather then Prague time... ugh, first wrong. Then I got into the shower, got out and started to blow dry my hair this went on for about 10 seconds until my blowdryer started shooting sparks and smoking. So that was done. Now after realizing that my straightener would do that same I started freaking. Because anyone who knows me knows that being without my straightener is like being without air. But today was great we had orientation, went into Prague and saw the school and I got to shop around. We has crepes in the old town sqaure which were amazing! I definitely wont loose weight here if I eat those everyday. I did have to sick through a horrible lecture about the history of Western Europe. I am still getting use to the time change so I almost feel asleep due to boredom and lack of sleep. To bad there are only 5 of us and it would be very noticeable.
I ate dinner in an adorable pub right of the main road. It is a tiny restaurant in an alley between buildings with no ceiling. It is beautiful. The food was amazing and everything is so cheap!
Prague is beautiful and I am now excited about being here!!!

amazing crepe

Prague Old Village Square

Dinner-amazing gnogi with spinach, tomato and cucumber

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