Friday, May 28, 2010


So just wanted to write something quick on the blog. I have had very little time to write because we have been so busy venturing around Prague and having lectures and language classes.
Today I got up at 6:30 and left the dorm around 7:15 so we could be at the train station by 8:20 to catch a train to Vienna. We had to change trains about 10 minutes outside of Austria but the trip only took about 6 hours which was good considering how far we traveled. I slept almost the entire way it was great!
When we got to Vienna we checked into our hotel which is nice because we actually get to sleep in real beds instead of couch cousins which is what we sleep on at our school dorms. We had a tour around part of the old city and then walked around for a while after looking for a restaurant to eat dinner. It is so difficult to go out to eat in other countries because you can not read the menu. I ended up getting great tortellini. It was nice to have a good meal after snacking all day on the train.
Now I am at the hotel about to get some sleep because we have to get up early again tomorrow for a tour at 9:30!
Pics will not upload because i have horrible internet at the hotel... will post soon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Update

So I just finished eating another homemade meal in my ghetto excuse of a kitchen. It was actually very good and I am surprised anything has been able to be cooked in this kitchen. However we do not have a table or any place to eat other then our desks so it kind of stinks.
Anyway yesterday was my first day czech class. It was very fun and interesting. It is hard for me because of all of the accents and the words which are 6 letters long yet contain no vowels. But the little phrases I have been able to pick up have helped me out around the city.
After class we walked into Old Town Square which is right down the street from where our classes are and it was packing with thousands of people screaming and waving czech flags. The czech hockey team the night before had won the hockey game against Russia which they didnt think could happen, and the czechs won the world cup. I was at a Japanese restaurant eating dinner during the game and screaming could be heard in and around the restaurant from all the czech fans watching the game. In old town square yesterday they put up a huge stage and the president of the Czech Republic was on it with the Czech hockey team. I wished I was into it so I could have been more excited.
Once we got out of the crowd we went to a eiffel tower replica on top of a hill which overlooked the whole city. Carolyn didnt want to go up because she is scared of heights. So Kirstie and I paid 2 dollars and walked thousands of stairs to the top, and even though my legs are in pain the climb was definitely worth it because I saw the entire city and everything that surrounds it. It was beautiful, but a little scary because there was a thunder and lighting storm coming in and it started pouring while we were up there so we went down, and went back to the dorms for cover.
Today we had our second day of Czech class and after Carolyn, Kirstie and I went to some shops around the old town. I went into a store called Mango which is owned by Penelope Cruz and her sister. There was amazing stuff in there, however I didnt get anything. I think I will go back though and get a bag. :)
Tomorrow is my third and final day of czech class and then we are going to a Jewish cemetery and holocaust museum, which I heard is beautiful.
Also since I have been here I have eaten some sort of bread and chocolate everyday.
Ugh ... not good.

revolving all you can eat Japanese.

Some of the people celebrating in the square.

View of Prague from the top of the tower

Where I eat dinner...

Saturday, May 22, 2010


So I am back from a wonderful and SUNNY day exploring Prague. First day of sun all day since I have gotten here. It was really nice and made it for once feel not so depressing here. It amazing how crowded the streets get when it is a nice day.
Today started again with another boring lecture about the castle and then we sent to the Prague castle and had a tour. The views from the castle are amazing. However I do not find the history of these kings and queens very interesting... Next we went down and walked through a beautiful garden. There were peacocks everywhere. Apparently many castles have them because it is considered a nobel bird.
After Kirstie, Carolyn and I went off on our own and ate crepes for lunch, at a cute cafe near the dorms where we stay. Carolyn went back to the dorms to rest and Kirstie and I explored the city some. It was a beautiful day and walking around Prague is so cool there is so much crazy artwork and structures as well as interesting places.
Now I am back at my dorm and I am about to get ready for dinner... maybe dinner on the water? :)
Tour of the Old and Lesser towns tomorrow.

Ovens that used to heat the castle

The garden- look at the back at the black wall there are faces hidden throughout it

My group... there are only 5 of us.

Statue of baby along the river... I dont get them but I would love to know the story behind it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 3

So this alarm thing on my phone/ the time change is not helping me wake up on time. Today I was woken up to Carolyn(my roommate here) knocking on my door because she had just woken up and it was 9:30 the time we were supposed to be catching the train to school. Luckily we both got ready in 10 minutes and were out the door.
Last night we went to our first bar/club. It is the club from Rihanna's "please dont stop the music" music video. Prague nightlife is so weird to me.
Today we had our first pre tour lecture. The women who teaches them has the softest most monotone voice, it almost puts me to sleep every time. Next we got our monthly subway/train/bus passes, ONLY 13 dollars!!! It is insane how cheap everything is here. After lunch we found out our Prague tour was cancelled because our teacher who was supposed to take us had to meet a Suffolk girl at the emergency room so she could translate for her. However Carolyn, Kirstie and I decided to check out around the castle and the cathedral for ourselves. It was beautiful! The stained glass windows were amazing and the building was huge. There is a long path that follows around the castle and cathedral and when you get to the end you have the most amazing view of Prague. There is also a vineyard. So we stopped there to have some house wine, I don't usually like wine but it was tasty.
Now I am back at the apartment we just went to the market because it is almost 7pm and I think we are going to cook some dinner.
Wish me luck on my cooking and on waking up on time tomorrow.

dance club

Prague Cathedral

One of the stained glass windows

Looking over Prague

Wine from the Vineyard

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bye Bye Blow Dryer...

So I thought today may be a bad day because it did not start off great... I woke up later then I wanted because I set my alarm for 8am eastern time rather then Prague time... ugh, first wrong. Then I got into the shower, got out and started to blow dry my hair this went on for about 10 seconds until my blowdryer started shooting sparks and smoking. So that was done. Now after realizing that my straightener would do that same I started freaking. Because anyone who knows me knows that being without my straightener is like being without air. But today was great we had orientation, went into Prague and saw the school and I got to shop around. We has crepes in the old town sqaure which were amazing! I definitely wont loose weight here if I eat those everyday. I did have to sick through a horrible lecture about the history of Western Europe. I am still getting use to the time change so I almost feel asleep due to boredom and lack of sleep. To bad there are only 5 of us and it would be very noticeable.
I ate dinner in an adorable pub right of the main road. It is a tiny restaurant in an alley between buildings with no ceiling. It is beautiful. The food was amazing and everything is so cheap!
Prague is beautiful and I am now excited about being here!!!

amazing crepe

Prague Old Village Square

Dinner-amazing gnogi with spinach, tomato and cucumber

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I made it to Prague

So after a long day of traveling I am finally in Prague. It is raining today and nothing is planned other then settling into our dorms and searching around the streets where are dorms are. They dorms are considered "suites" but it is like no suite I have ever stayed in. It is kind of a weird feeling knowing that I am living in this foreign place for a month in a half and I got a little anxiety thinking about it when I got here, but after talking about it and settling in I am excited to see what the Czech Republic has to offer. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be home sick, but I think this will be an amazing experience.
Here is so pics of my dorm. Please notice the string hanging from the ceiling in the bathroom with the toilet that is how you flush it... hmm....

my bedroom


toilet bathroom

shower bathroom