Monday, March 1, 2010

12 days until Captiva

Ok, so my life has been more stressful then ever lately. I feel like one day I have no work and the next it is just piled on. I had my first media law exam today. I was so stressed about it because my teacher and many people who have taken this class before have said that everyone fails the first test. But when I finished the test I felt really good about it. We will see what happens...
I just can not wait for spring break, I need to get away from all of this work. I want a tan and to not have anything to worry about! So excited!
I am also going to Tahoe again in 4 weeks, for Sam's 21st birthday! I think it will be so much fun and a great weekend getaway!
Ok thats all I can manage to write right now. To exhausted to write more on this.

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