Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentines Day(the movie)

This week has been a crazy week. I have not slept later then 9:30 this entire week. Which I know may not be that early to some people but I am used to at least sleeping in until 11 at least once or twice a week. My week has been jam packed with with meetings and projects and homework and classes. Now it is onto a weekend filled with work... ugh!
Thursday night was the most relaxing night I have had all week. I saw Valentines Day with Keri. We went to NY Pizza after class and had some dinner and from there we went to lowes theater on the Boston common. I was a little unsure of Valentines Day just because after watching the previews so many times and hearing from people that it was not as great as it was supposed to be... but i LOVED IT! I loved how every story in the movie came together and the ending was just amazing. It is definetly one of those movies I could watch a million times and not be bored!
Friday morning I met with a man about Prague and got all the information about my trip! I am sooo excited to go! After I went to my miserable 4 hour long class and then went out to dinner with keri's aunt and cousin in the North End.
Today I have just been at work all day and now I am home watching Pretty Women and going to bed shortly and start my long day of work all over again!
Can not wait to have Sam back in the US I do not like this not being able to communicate whenever we want. Sam being so far away(in Japan) is not fun! This should be a long 2 weeks.
well I am going to finish watching Pretty Women and then curl up in my amazing bed and fall asleep.
Goodnight all!

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