Thursday, February 25, 2010

Owning fish is not for me...

So Sam got me a gold fish for Christmas, which I named Stanley. I was so excited to have a pet and a happy something that I could see everyday and it would remind me of him... Unfortunately Stan died. So when Sam came out to the east coast for the Dew tour we celebrated Valentines day and Sam got me my second fish this was a betta his name was Shark. He lasted almost 3 hours and then died. So I decided one last time to get another betta and I named him Prince because he was a crown tail betta. He lasted 2 days and today was pronouned dead. I decided I will never again try to be a fish owner... and when I have children they will not be allowed to own them either. Apparnetly its just bad luck or gross Boston water... either way I have dealt with enough death for 2 months and I can not take anymore pain... lol

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