Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dew Tour Weekend

Since I now have a 4 hour long class on Fridays, it makes it a lot harder to do things outside of Boston on the weekends. But this weekend right after my class ended on Friday I ran back to my apartment got in my car and drove to West Dover, VT to surprise Sam after his 4th place finish in the Dew Tour final stop. I got there around 8 at night. Sam was surprised. :) But then the guys had to go to a photo shoot for Transworld so Lindsey and I went out to dinner where we had the worst service ever and I was the worst dinner date due to not eating or drinking all day and being exhausted. Then it was the after party... It started off great! I was having so much fun hanging out with everyone, listening to the band and dancing. However it went downhill when I started feeling sick.
Thank you Lindsey, Sam and Brandon for all of your help that night. Would not have made it without you. lol
The next day was very low key. It consisted of eating and sleeping and then at night we watch superpipe finals and then hung at Sam's condo with all his team mates. They were all so nice.
Overall it was a great weekend, now I am home just hanging out in Peterborough watching the Superbowl later and back to Boston in the morning.
until next time.. au revior!

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