Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today is the first day of second semester of sophomore year. This morning was filled with classes and running around finishing my application for Prague this summer, and as I was running from office to office trying to get signatures to finish my application, I realized how quickly my college is flying by. Two years from now I will be going into my last semester of college... MY LAST! Which will mean I will be a semester away from entering the real world. Scary, right?
I have big dreams of one day being a news broadcaster, and two years from now I will have to be looking for jobs so I can begin my dream. I swear life speeds up as you get older and it's scary. I would love to just stay 17 forever. High school was such a breeze and you only had to work to make enough money to go out with friends to the movies or dinner and pay for gas. But then again I think I will always be kid at heart even when I am old and grey and envying my kids youth. I will still hopefully feel like I am young.
Gotta start on my first day assignments. blah!
until next time... au revoir!

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