Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mary's Birthday

Last night was Mary's 20th birthday! We came back to Boston around 4 last night. Mary Lauren and I got ready and went to dinner around 8 we tried a couple different places that had long waits and finally found a great irish pub where we ate dinner. I got homemade mac and cheese it was amazing. Definitely some of the best mac and cheese I have ever had. Once we left weird events started. First a man walked up to lauren grabbed her for 2 seconds told her to stop and then kept walking. Then as we were getting onto the T a man smashed bottles of beer at the top of the T station picked up a top to one of the bottles and walked into the station. We walked down we cautiously nervous he may be a crazy person and try to stab us. Then after we were on the T on our way home a very persistent homeless man walked up to mary and I and kept asking if we would go on dates with him and that if we did it would be a lot of fun. He finally left after we told him numerous times to go away and I laughed in his face. A group of boys that were sitting near us during this incident got a kick out of this encounter.
After that we went back to the apartment and got ready to go out on the town.
We started off at a bar called The Place. We had a lot of fun there and I am pretty sure the show The Jersey Shore on MTV has taken over the world. I saw so many want to be guidos last night. A guy was even dancing around showing off his abs like Mike "the situation."
The night was really funny and I had a lot of fun!
3 days until the start of my second semester of my sophomore year!

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