Friday, January 8, 2010


Flew into Reno/Tahoe airport on the 5th. It was a long day leaving Boston at 6am and flying straight to San Francisco. I spent the first night in Tahoe at Sam house. It is really nice and pretty big.. alot nicer then the one last year. The next morning was another early onegetting up at 4 to drive to Mammoth, California so Sam and Brandon could do qualifiers for the grand prix. After their first practice I was able to ride the mountain with them. It was beautiful! The mountains and scenery here is amazing! The winters in California are also way more nice then in New England it was 53 degrees!!! when we went snowboarding! AMAZING! I would definetly live here so the winter would be bareable.
Sam and Brandon unfortunatley did not make it to final, however our friend Ian came in first for his heat and moved onto finals, hopefully he wins!
Now I am back in Tahoe! Time for a relaxing day of snowboarding at Northstar!
until next time.. au revior!

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