Friday, January 29, 2010

The Perfect Getaway

Well I had my 4 hour long video production class today. This class is the reason why I no longer look forward to Fridays. After I got out of class which was 5 minutes before I had to be at work. I rushed home changed and then ran across the street to wait on people for 4 hours.
once I got home I watched the movie The Perfect Getaway. It was a great movie. I really recommend seeing it. It is so suspenseful and then ending is nothing you would ever expect. You are guessing the whole movie. Definitely one of the better movies I have seen in a while.
I am going to bed now. It has been the longest day balancing school, work and leisure time is always stressful and getting some good shut eye always seems to help. I am definitely sleeping in late tomorrow, and then back to work!
until next time... au revior!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So school has officially started, and as you can see in my decease in blog posts. It has been a busy start. It is insane how much work I already have. Three essays, 1 presentation and enormous amounts of reading. Yesterday I had enough break in my day to finally make it to the study abroad office to drop off some of my information for Prague. I am sooo excited! Nervous but excited. I can not wait to travel around Europe this summer. I also got news that my uncle Paul and Aunt Jenny may be in Prague in June so I will have some people to travel around with. It is very comforting to know.
Well got to get back to school work. 2 hours until I have to give a 15 minute presentation about the Atlantic System. Fun!
until next time... au revior!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rammy's

This morning I finished my entry form for the Suffolk Rammy's, which is Suffolk University's version of the Grammy's. I made a feature story news report about the Improv Group at Suffolk: Seriously Bent, and their success in improv competitions over the last couple years. They have made it to Chicago three years in a row for the National Improv Tournament and came in second last year. They are "seriously" funny.
I entered my movie into the feature news reporting category. I am hoping I will at least place. I have never been to Suffolk's Rammy's before, so I am not sure what kind of competition I am looking at. Hopefully it wont be to bad, and maybe I will even win a prize! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today is the first day of second semester of sophomore year. This morning was filled with classes and running around finishing my application for Prague this summer, and as I was running from office to office trying to get signatures to finish my application, I realized how quickly my college is flying by. Two years from now I will be going into my last semester of college... MY LAST! Which will mean I will be a semester away from entering the real world. Scary, right?
I have big dreams of one day being a news broadcaster, and two years from now I will have to be looking for jobs so I can begin my dream. I swear life speeds up as you get older and it's scary. I would love to just stay 17 forever. High school was such a breeze and you only had to work to make enough money to go out with friends to the movies or dinner and pay for gas. But then again I think I will always be kid at heart even when I am old and grey and envying my kids youth. I will still hopefully feel like I am young.
Gotta start on my first day assignments. blah!
until next time... au revoir!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mary's Birthday

Last night was Mary's 20th birthday! We came back to Boston around 4 last night. Mary Lauren and I got ready and went to dinner around 8 we tried a couple different places that had long waits and finally found a great irish pub where we ate dinner. I got homemade mac and cheese it was amazing. Definitely some of the best mac and cheese I have ever had. Once we left weird events started. First a man walked up to lauren grabbed her for 2 seconds told her to stop and then kept walking. Then as we were getting onto the T a man smashed bottles of beer at the top of the T station picked up a top to one of the bottles and walked into the station. We walked down we cautiously nervous he may be a crazy person and try to stab us. Then after we were on the T on our way home a very persistent homeless man walked up to mary and I and kept asking if we would go on dates with him and that if we did it would be a lot of fun. He finally left after we told him numerous times to go away and I laughed in his face. A group of boys that were sitting near us during this incident got a kick out of this encounter.
After that we went back to the apartment and got ready to go out on the town.
We started off at a bar called The Place. We had a lot of fun there and I am pretty sure the show The Jersey Shore on MTV has taken over the world. I saw so many want to be guidos last night. A guy was even dancing around showing off his abs like Mike "the situation."
The night was really funny and I had a lot of fun!
3 days until the start of my second semester of my sophomore year!


I am back in Boston now. Had an amazing trip to Tahoe, it was a great break from work and school. I just got to relax and have fun! The last couple of days I spent snowboarding and just hanging out with everyone before we had to leave. Tahoe is gorgeous, and the weather there is amazing. It snows but during the day it is so warm and bearable to be outside. I could definitely see myself living there at some point in my life.
While I was out there Lindsey and I filmed some snowboarding to make a snowboard video. It was just for fun because are tricks don't even compare to real snowboard videos but we learned some new stuff and had a lot of fun doing it.
Below is a clip of one of my tricks.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mt. Rose

Slept 11 hours last night and it was amazing, considering I have been averaging about 5 every night since I have left Boston. Today Sam, Lindsey, Brandon, Anders and I went to Mt. Rose, which is about a 10 minute drive from their house. We brought snowmobiles and the boys brought snowboards. It was a very long day. I even had an asthma attack hiking which was not fun.
Sam and I went a long snowmobile ride up to the top of one of the faces, it was beautiful up there! However once we got back down it got colder and Lindsey and I sat and watched the boys snowboard. To warm up we made a snowwomen named Stanley in honor of my dead fish.
A long bath was much needed after I returned home.
Now we are off to Round table to get pizza.
until next time.. au revior!

Friday, January 8, 2010

World's Greatest Dad

The guys rented a movie for us last night from Safeway(the local grocery store here in Kings Beach,) called Worlds Greatest Dad. It was one of the most uncomfortable movies I have watched. It is about a single father who is very lonely because the only person in his life is his son who hates the world and only watches porn. Seeing Robin Williams being in a movie like this was really weird. The son ends up dying from gaging himself and the father end up staging it like a suicide. I dont want to give a way the whole movie but the things Robin Williams does as a father are so morally wrong that the movie becomes even more uncomfortable when you watch.
Not a very good movie I strongly recommend not to rent it!


Flew into Reno/Tahoe airport on the 5th. It was a long day leaving Boston at 6am and flying straight to San Francisco. I spent the first night in Tahoe at Sam house. It is really nice and pretty big.. alot nicer then the one last year. The next morning was another early onegetting up at 4 to drive to Mammoth, California so Sam and Brandon could do qualifiers for the grand prix. After their first practice I was able to ride the mountain with them. It was beautiful! The mountains and scenery here is amazing! The winters in California are also way more nice then in New England it was 53 degrees!!! when we went snowboarding! AMAZING! I would definetly live here so the winter would be bareable.
Sam and Brandon unfortunatley did not make it to final, however our friend Ian came in first for his heat and moved onto finals, hopefully he wins!
Now I am back in Tahoe! Time for a relaxing day of snowboarding at Northstar!
until next time.. au revior!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years 2010

It is now officially 2010! I can't believe it has been a whole decade sine Y2K crazy that 10 years ago we all thought the world was going to end. I rang in the new year with many close friends at my apartment in Boston. It was a great a night. We even jumped off couches at 12 so we could officially jump into the new year/decade. I am so excited with what this year will bring. Last night was a great start and my first trip of the new year is coming up soon. Tahoe, CA in 5 days. :)
Last night we also recorded some of our new years resolutions so we can remember them thorough out the year. Here is the video...

I recommend everyone right down or make a video of your resolution so you remember and keep it!