Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This week....

This year is flying by. I can not believe that it is already more then half way through the fall semester of my sophomore year. I am already starting to feel so unmotivated to do school work who knows how I will get through the rest of the year. So I have been trying to stay busy so I don;t freak out about school work. Monday night Keri and I finally carved our pumpkins after patiently waiting for conflict around us to end. We cooked the pumpkin seeds and ate them all.... :) mmmm! Tonight (Tuesday) Keri and I went to see Sean Kingston and Girl Talk. Sean Kingston is probably the worst performer I have ever seen but Girl Talk was amazing. I will definitely see him again, and I recommend him to anyone.
I am flying to SLC, Utah on Thursday to Sam and I can not wait! Will post pics as soon as I get there. I can not wait for Thursday morning. Until next time...au revoir!

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